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Neither Here Nor There

But Up In The Air

falling down

Not much to say about me really. I'm an angst-ridden twenty-something living in London with too much time on her hands and not enough motivation to make good use of it. My mood swings between mellow and maniacal and I'm always tired. I enjoy reading, watching movies with subtitles and experiencing the wonders of the internet, and the thing I cannot live without is music. I also love anything Japanese, including art, fashion, pop culture, literature, TV, gaming, history, mythology etc. I generally keep a low profile yet just because you can't see me doesn't mean I'm not hiding somewhere nearby. But I'm a nice person overall as my friends can hopefully attest. I like the colour red.

My journal is a continuous work in progress, in which I share stories from my daily life and fandoms (though sometimes it gets hard to tell the difference). I have a tendency to upload more userpics than I need and compensate for my lack of posts by doing pointless memes.

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